FHA Mortgage Rates in Orem Utah

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FHA Mortgage Rates in Orem Utah

FHA Mortgage Rates in Orem, Utah FHA Mortgage Rates in Orem Utah. Buying a home in Orem, Utah? Then a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loan might just be the right choice for you. FHA Mortgage Rates in Orem Utah.

Do you fit this criteria?:

- think your credit score isn't good enough to buy a home.

- Can't afford a steep down payment.

- Think you probably can't even qualify for a home loan.

- Are wanting to buy your first home.

Well, I have good news for you: FHA Loans ease all those worries! An FHA Loan is backed by the federal government, not funded by it. Your lender provides the loan to you. Since the FHA has stamped this loan 'approved', lenders can offer even lower monthly payments and interest rates. To find FHA rates or find out if you qualify for an FHA loan, click here: http://www.spencerstott.com/apply-now/.

And requirements are much less rigid than other home loans.


- A down payment of only 3%!

- Reasonable Income Expectations.

- Fair Credit Expectations.

Because of the uniqueness of FHA Loans, you're not just another client to your lender. The lender sees you as a unique person, looks at your case individually and then makes a decision regarding your eligibility. If you still think you can't qualify, let us ease your worries further.

FHA Loans are unusually flexible, so you may be closer than you think to buying that Magna home. Want to be relaxing on the couch in your beautiful Orem home? Well, The Spencer Stott Lending Team wants that for you, too. We can get you into your beautiful home by getting you approved for an FHA Loan.

We love seeing how happy our home buyers are when we get them into their home. Visit portal.hud.gov for more information.

To learn more about us and how to contact us, please visit our website at www.spencerstott.com.

Mortgage Rates in Orem Utah


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