When you lose "the perfect house"!

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Somewhere out there is a verse or saying, about being careful what you wish for or Make plans and Watch God laugh. Often what we think is best for us, isn't really, but we have to go through the emotional turmoil before get to the realization of what really worked out for our best interest. Joy

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When you lose "the perfect house"!


To date, Long Island has not seen the real estate conditions that have prevailed across the nation for some time.

Just recently, a small Merrick section, spared in recent storms, has become extra desirable. Great looking homes, priced around market, are going under contract the first week they are listed. It's even difficult to get my buyers, who commute from a distance and are only available evenings after work, inside for a showing.

That includes one residence deemed not open to shows until after the Broker's Open House, scheduled a full week after listing, "at the homeowners' request!"

You can find articles everywhere that dole out great tips for winning a house in a multiple bid situation. It's not that you should ever be deterred by a popular property, if you're positive that's the one you want but, at the core of my beliefs, exists a certain amount of destiny - every buyer has a house with his name on it. the perfect house

In my experience, "fighting the universe" has and continues to be a lost cause. There is always a reason why we don't get what we want. Sometimes we can see it right away and sometimes it takes years before 20/20 hindsight vision kicks in. With no exceptions, all that I've lost over the years, has always turned out for the best.

At my peak, I coveted a house for 10 years before it suddenly dawned on me how differently my life would have turned out if I had lived there. It's not so much that it wasn't the perfect house, as it wasn't the perfect house for my family.

Expect to feel a myriad of emotions - sadness, anger, frustration, bitterness and acceptance. Sometimes, I had trouble getting past the disappointment and needed to take a mental break before beginning the search over.

Location was always the number one reason why a particular house turned out to be wrong. It was not the style, size, number of bedrooms or bath -- those didn't matter - you can always make do with what you have, reconfigure or add on. 

Notice, I have not raised the issue of price. This post assumes properties within a reasonable budget and not a beer wallet with champagne taste.

In retrospect, it was always the location that mattered most . A perfect location is unique to an individual. It takes into consideration all the things necessary to navigate comfortably through daily life.

It's okay to mourn the loss of what you think will be just perfect but realize, at the end, there's probably something you're missing. Or, even harder to contend with, something that is unknown to you at the time. Grieve if you must, but then pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again. It will happen for you.

It makes no difference if houses are lost due to offer, timing, seller's unreasonable demands or representing agent's inadequacies. In the end, buyers always say the home they finally purchased was the best possible one for them.


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