Real Estate Agents- What They Really Want To Say

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Real Estate Agents are truly hard working individuals and totally deserve respect for what they do. The problem, most of the times Real Estate Agents have to deal with a lot of unneccesary issues from their clients. But in the end they have to keep a straight face, just smile and ultimately go with what their clients ask of them.

It is amazing how many times Real Estate Agents hear the same type of things over and over from clients, and even though they are the experts, and give great advice, it still comes down to following their clients demands. 

Imagine if you could live in a world where you could actually express what you truly feel. Imagine being able to express exactly what was on your mind to your clients. Well imagine no longer, this is the video that will help you live your dreams. Jeffery L Carter your favorite Mortgage Guy, has done this for you!

Check out this video to truly enjoy what every Real Estate Agent would like to say!



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Merline D Pennant - New homes, Short Sales and Pre-foreclosures
Regal Realty of the Treasure Coast LLC - Port St Lucie, FL
New City, New Towns, New homes

Love, love, love your video.  So on the money.  Thank you Jeffrey.   That was fun. 

Nov 15, 2013 10:16 AM
Jeffery L. Carter
Mortgage Professional/ Real Estate Strategist

My pleasure Merline! Love, love, love you for watching and commenting.

Nov 15, 2013 10:20 AM