Preping Your House For the Spring Market

Real Estate Agent with The Bean Group

Well it's just about that time of year, the time period loved by every Realtor and every Seller. What am I talking about, its the Spring Market!

When you decide it's time to sell your home there are a few things you should consider doing. Below is a list of some housekeeping items that as a Seller you may wish to do prior to listing your specific property:

1) Remove all clutter from the house, are the counter-tops free and clear? Have you removed unnecessary furniture from the house?

2) Check the bathrooms, are the surfaces clean and clear? are the shower curtains to old and should be replaced? If you have tile in the bathroom is the grout clean and shinny?

3) Check the walls is the paint and wallpaper fresh and clean? are the walls free from holes and scrape marks? Do you have any items on the walls or on shelves that should be removed prior to Buyers/Realtors viewing your home?

4) If you have pets, are there any noticeable signs that a pet is living there (smells etc.)? If so, be sure to clean the kitty box prior to every showing, remove pet toys from the main living area and launder all bedding's that the pets sleep on.

5) How's the aroma in your home? try to air out the home prior to showings if you know that things like cigarettes and strong food Oder's are lingering in the air. If air fresheners are necessary, use well before showings as a consideration to Buyers with allergies.

6) Lastly, set the mood prior to showings, open draperies and blinds to let as much natural light into the home. Turn on all your lights (even during the day) so that your property shows itself at its best. Turn on the radio to a classical music station, set the volume on low and if you wish to you can also light 1 to 2 candles with aromas like Vanilla, to enhance your home.

If you do most of the things listed above your property will be more appealing to potential Buyers. When marketing your home you want to make sure your homes first impression is as good as it can be.

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