A Man's (or Woman's) Home Is Their Castle

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At least that is how the old saying goes. But if you are thinking of selling you may want to forget the castle aspect and work towards common interest. I'm not an over the top supporter of "staging" because unless done well it looks just that, staged and sterile. That can be almost as big a turn off as clutter. 

Please do not misunderstand I am not putting staging down...not at all. But I believe a home that is orderly, clean and well thought out ,along staging lines, but yet still feels lived in has the best chance to sell. A home looking like a hotel room or like the inside of a medieval keep will sit. 

You can accomplish a lot with very little cost and common sense. Your "stuff" may be valuable to you and of interest but to a buyer it is a distraction and shifts focus from some of the features of the home. You listed your home to sell... sp pack the "stuff" away. Your uncle's prize Moose Head ,in the dining room, will not mean anything to a buyer except make the room look small. Sure you think it is cool....so pack it now, when you have time to do it carefully so you can mount it in your next home. 

Think about the goal and realize you will be moving...make that day easier by starting now and you may, as a result, sell your home quicker too.

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