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Managing Real Estate Broker with SI Real Estate Tampa

The 21st century revolutionized the way we are living and everything around us and the Real Estate industry is not an exception. With introducing new ways of communicating with clients, auctioningproperties online, marketing listings on the internet, and in some cases even working with customers living in other countries and purchasing properties they have never seen in real life, the Real Estate professionals had to adjust in order to stay successful. Here at SI Real Estate, we have managed to develop the perfect set of marketing efforts which enabled us to stay strong during the financial crisis and even evolve in a more successful entity during the recent years of the market recovery here in the greater Tampa Bay area. The year 2013 has been our most successful year ever and we are excited to seewhat the upcoming years will bring.

However, with all great achievements and growth which we have experienced as a company, we have never forgotten about the group of people who made all this possible for us: Our Customers! As a trusted group of real estate professionals, we have realized that our clients are our best advertisement and that the superior service we offer to all our customers is an absolute necessity in today’s world. We do not hesitate to go the extra mile for our clients and Mary S. is a very good example of that:

“I recently hired SI Real Estate to sell my home in New Tampa. I could not have had a better experience. Both Nibal and Pamela Elsaadi couldn't have been more knowledgeable or attentive in getting the job done. I was recently widowed but with the Elsaadi’s beside me, I never felt alone in my plight! The two of them are a great team, just like a well-oiled machine.

I had furniture to be sold and Pamela graciously put my furniture on Craigslist and then screened the prospective buyers and made dates for them to look at my furnishings. On a night before some buyers picked up some Karastan carpets I was selling, Pam and Nibal arrived to move the furniture and roll the rugs and mats so it would be easy for the buyer of the carpets to remove them. That alone was above and beyond the call!”

Real success stories like this mean a lot for our team because they make us realize that in our industry helping people find the perfect solution is the highest priority and that our hard work will only reflect on our accomplishments. Developing a personal relationship with the customer is the key to success and here at SI Real Estate, we do not see our clients as a commission check but we sit down with them and find out what is it that they really want and make that happen for them. 100% dedication to our clients at any given time is a standard procedure in our office and our flexibility allows us to work around your working schedule.

SI Real Estate is a group of real people who deliver real results. We diligently work with first time home purchasers, move-up buyers, investors, renters, people relocating from other parts of the country, and anyone else who has real estate needs in the greater Tampa Bay area Our multilingual expertise enabled us to work with customers from all over the world such as India, China, Canada, Russia, and many others.

We like to think of us as “Global Real Estate in Every Way”. Feel free to visit our profile ( and see for yourself and don’t be shy to share your success stories with us because we would love to hear them!

Truly Yours SI Real Estate Team


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