Why Do They Build Those Homes So Close Together?

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Why Do They Build Those Homes So Close Together?


So Close Together

Here's what a couple of consumers say about it:

"People want big houses - they want lots of bathrooms, bedrooms big enough for large beds and walk-in closets. They want multi-car garages big enough for their SUV and master bath spa/suite/swimming-pool rooms. They apparently need a 'great room' and a living room. And developers want to sell more of them, so they divide the land into smaller plots. Plus - people are busier and not everyone wants a yard. To many people it's just a big, unused, expensive maintenance vacume when all they really want is a patio big enough for a BBQ."

"It's hard to make money for everyone these days, so developers do what they need to to make the plat profitable...the general trend everywhere in the country has been smaller and smaller lots for decades. There are exceptions but that's the trend. You'll have better luck looking at older properties. Average 80's lot is at least a 1/4 acre. Average 60's lot is probably close to a half acre. Of course this depends how far out you are too...  There's a new neighborhood near me, on the model home you can hardly step out the back door without falling into a big retention pond."

"I have the grave misfortunate of bad neighbors who just moved in (they're renters).  The noise is getting under my skin, whether it be their uncontrolled dogs, spousal shouting matches, or the little babysitting service they seem to be running out of their backyard.  Oh did I mention the mom is pregnant and smokes out by her front door?  Or the rusted & oil leaking car that is often left out on the street between our houses?"

In Charlotte, North Carolina, there's a report that one subdivision has homes so close together that the air conditioners and decks are actually built outside the setback, creating a real situation for the builder and the homeowners there.  Often neighboring homes have fires when the homes are too close together.

Most of the older neighborhoods in Arizona have only single story homes on lots that are at least one sixth of an acre.  Some of the newer neighborhoods have homes closer together with a mixture of one and two story homes.  Some of the one story homes are actually shaded by two story homes in the early and later part of the day.

When searching for a home, it may make sense to limit your search to homes with lot size of 5000 square feet or more.  Most "Advance Search" options will let you choose lot size. 

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Big homes on little lots and the neighbors never meet. I am never amazed anymore how far we have come.

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