Questions Olympia Sellers Ask - Why Do We Disclose Our Roof Leaked?

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When you are selling a house in the Olympia area (or anywhere else in Washington state), you will likely be required to complete a seller's disclosure, answering a number of questions about your knowledge of the house's condition and any defects it has. 


Questions Olympia sellers have

One question sellers often have comes when they reach the question asking if their roof has leaked within the last five years.  Often they ask why they have to say that it DID leak if the roof has now been repaired or replaced and no longer does leak.  (Once a seller answers that it did, in fact, leak, they are able to write additional info about whatever repair or replacement has happened to correct the problem).

But that knowledge of a recent past leak will alert the buyer and their home inspector to look extra carefully in the attic or ceiling areas of the home to make sure that the past roof leak didn't cause additional damage which has NOT been repaired.  If the roof leak caused water damage in the attic, there just might be some more work needed to completely correct things.

If you are going to sell your house in the Olympia area, be sure to ask your real estate broker if you are required to fill out a seller's disclosure form - and then answer it as completely as you possibly can.


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