Vodka Distillery Coming to Old Fourth Ward!

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Five locals are opening the first Vodka Distillery in Old Fourth Ward!  Once opened it will be the first distillery in Atlanta since prohibition (since 1906).  The distillery will be a welcomed addition to the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood and will also feature a Tasting Room for those thirsty and inquisitive visitors.

Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward is a vibrant and historic district that has grown rapidly in the last couple years.  Atlanta continues to revive the Old Fourth Ward with projects that focus on bringing people back into the city - like the Atlanta Beltline Project and Ponce City Market.  

The Old Fourth Ward Distillery (O4D) will start with the distillation of a premium Vodka, however, they will also have the capability to distill Gin, Whiskey and Bourbon as well.  Gin will be the next product released after Vodka.  The distillery is currently on track to be completed in February of 2014.


Vodka Distillery in Old Fourth Ward  Distillery in Old Fourth Ward


O4D needs our help.  Currently O4D has obtained Federal permit to operate the still yet, they still need additional funds to purchase the equipment, including the custom made still that is currently being constructed in Germany (see photos above).  O4D has tapped out their personal savings accounts and now need our help for additional funds to complete the project.  They would like to raise an additional $40,000 which they are doing via  Check out the site to show your support and back the O4D distillery for as little as $1.  Currently $9,417 has been raised.  

Also, check out the O4D Facebook Page for additional information and to keep up with their progress.  I personally, can't wait until they open up!  You might just see me there regularly.  The question will be... will I be able to see you after all those tastings : )

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