Former CEO to head RETA: Real Estate Town Advocates℠ Network

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Former CEO to head RETA: Real Estate Town Advocates℠ Network; Network to propel 'location, location, location' to new heights; off and online!

Larry Vecchio, Founder and CEO of and, a town and city-specific network of URLs and websites provided to the real estate industry, announced that Allan Dalton, former CEO of and President of HomesInYourTown, will also serve as President of the Real Estate Town Advocates℠ Network.

The Real Estate Town Advocates℠ Network, to be launched in the 1st quarter of 2014, will soon begin selecting interested real estate agents, "Ones who have long been primed to assume the official role of Real Estate Town Advocate℠ for the town, towns, cities, villages or communities they already capably and enthusiastically serve and support,” declared Vecchio.

The Real Estate Town Advocates℠ Network and business model emerge out of the reality that the adage of 'location, location, location' significantly drives consumer real estate decision making and unquestionably speaks to the undeniable connection between real estate values and the promoted and perceived value of the neighborhoods, towns or cities where such real estate resides.

Home sellers are well aware that their home’s location is a vital component that each buyer or investor factors into their highly thoughtful and strategic decision regarding the real or perceived value of the related community or town. Accepting this important relationship between the perceived value of a town and property values, calls into question, “Who’s job is it to formally and, with targeted and customizable off and online resources, market each specific town?”

Dalton believes that the answer is, “...that community-centric Real Estate professionals should assume such duties. Naturally, it is those Real Estate professionals who market themselves and their properties and are noted for serving their communities. Until now however, these professionals are mostly recognized for marketing specific properties or promoting themselves, which is separate from the promotional needs of the town. In effect, Real Estate professionals are advocating for the towns where they work...but not to the degree that commands community-wide appreciation and respect. Town residents are neither aware of this fact, nor view these professionals as their specific Real Estate Town Advocate℠."

“If ever marketing should be elevated by integrating or combining personal, property, and community-based marketing, it is now...due to the range, reach and influence of the web,” observed Vecchio.

Vecchio further explained, “As a way of seizing this robust opportunity, ‘RETAs℠’ through and will be providing select and civic-minded, community-centric agents, teams and brokerages with both the opportunity and years-in-the-making resources necessary to become the unequivocal, trusted real estate voice throughout towns of all sizes throughout North America.”

“Given the order of magnitude and consumer relevance of this concept and program, I have asked Allan Dalton, former CEO of and Co-Founder of RETA℠, to lead our network,” Vecchio stated.

Dalton, named by NAR Realtor® Magazine as ‘One of the Industry’s 25 most influential thought leaders’, will bring to both network members and consumers alike a rich background in real estate marketing, content creation, and agent and company consulting and coaching.

“Providing marketing, content and coaching for our members on a completely exclusive and town-by-town basis will be indispensable to the success of our network. Each member will need to be prepared to serve their town or towns by incorporating our content and systems, off and online, into their existing business plans,” Vecchio added.

“Given the unique and highest perch from which certain Real Estate professionals enjoy their commanding view of the Real Estate related fabric and lifestyles, distinctly represented by each neighborhood, community, city or town, our formalizing and celebrating Real Estate agent value in this way is long overdue,” insisted Dalton.

“Select and like-minded, community-responsible and responsive Real Estate professionals, on an exclusive, geo-targeted basis, will be provided with off and online resources in order to memorialize for residents, Real Estate consumers and businesses and for referral and lead generation purposes, that when one thinks of a particular town or towns from a Real Estate perspective, they will immediately think of that Real Estate Town Advocate℠ due to this connection. ‘RETA℠’ could also be thought of to stand for: Real Estate Engagement Through Advocacy."

Dalton declared, “Larry’s timing is noteworthy. By providing agents, on an exclusive basis, a unique and town-specific URL and network of websites, and corresponding Real Estate Town Advocates℠ resources, both off and online, he is enabling differentiation to occur at a time when IDX and consolidation of the Industry has led to, in a sense, a greater degree of commoditization!”

“Consumers, in general, and home sellers specifically, will welcome and embrace highly regarded local Real Estate marketing professionals, extending a larger degree of their marketing and web focus to the promotion of their particular town or towns.”

Home sellers will immediately recognize how the promotion of their town and their lifestyle related content, will lead to the elevation of their property value. This in turn, ostensibly, will lead to an unprecedented sense of gratitude amongst all town home sellers towards each Real Estate Town Advocate℠.

Real Estate Town Advocates℠ (RETA℠) member websites will also enable residents to generate town-specific content from the prism of their unique understanding, through the Neighbors and Children Know Best℠ features which are displayed on, and Real Estate Town Advocates℠ member websites.

A question that needs to be asked by all those considering RETA℠ is: What percentage of buyers and/or investors need to be first sold on “the town" in order to be sold on “the property"? The answer can be found, again, in the venerable cliché, 'location, location, location'.

“Location, location, location is why we are launching the Real Estate Town Advocates℠,” Dalton enthused.

To learn more about the Real Estate Town Advocates℠ Network, and websites, pricing and town/towns/city availability:


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