"Stepford Houses" vs A Real Home

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There is a distinct difference between a house that is too perfect and one that is neat but feels like a home. If clients can't see themselves living in a property it is unlikely that they will sign on the dotted line.

A house that is "just too perfect" can be as big a turn off as one that is a total mess. When buyers walk into a "Stepford House" (especially if they have children), their whole demeanor changes. They become very uncomfortable, afraid to open a cabinet or step on a carpet. They may even ask the question "Do real people actually live here"?

Buying a home is still an emotional purchase. If there is no emotional connection....then usually there in no sale.

Leave the odd toy out or some books and magazines- have some music playing-light a fire in the fireplace have a great baking smell in the air (a few drops of vanilla on tin foil in a 180 degree oven does the trick- or there is always the pop-n-fresh dough boy)!

People buy not only with their eyes but with their ears, nose and yes....their hearts.

Think Pottery Barn not Surgical Operating Room

De-Clutter...YES- but don't "De-Humanize"



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