Culver City School great Information

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So you are moving your family to Culver City.  Exciting !!!   This is a beautiful part of Southern California that will give you plenty of activities and things to do, as well as offer good education for your kids. Culver City School great Information.

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 The Culver City area offers great options for elementary schools.  But before you choose, you may want to keep some of these pointers in mind:

 Ask, “What are the most important things you want in a school?” What qualities will meet your child’s needs? What kind of learner is your child? Does she like to work alone or in groups? Is she skilled at any particular subjects? Where does she need extra help or support? Most importantly, what kind of school will work both for your child and for you?

Culver City School great Information

 When You Get There:

·  Consider if this school is a good fit for your child — and you. Can you picture your child being successful here? Will this school engage his interests, and work for his learning style? Will this school help your child feel confident — building on his strengths and help him with weaker areas in positive ways? Plus, consider practical concerns like the availability of after-school care and transportation.

 ·  What is the look and feel of the school? Does it feel warm and inviting? Or cold and institutional? What kind of work is up on the walls? Is it original student work or “Student of the Week” posters? Are the facilities old or new? Is there a well-equipped gym? How often is it used? Do the teachers and students seem to enjoy being there?

·  Does the school have a particular philosophy or educational approach? Is the approach modeled on the work of any particular educators? Does the school utilize any special educational programs or offer specialized teaching?

 ·  How large are the classes? Class sizes in public schools are mandated by state standards, and they will vary from state to state. Ask your school what the approved size is for your area. Studies haves shown that younger children learn best with class sizes of 17 or under, but most public schools have far more students.

 ·  What’s the learning environment like? Do students work cooperatively in small groups or by themselves? Is the teacher standing up and lecturing, or working with students in active ways? Is the teacher using visual and physical models as well as text to teach? Do kids get to manipulate objects as they learn?

 ·  What kinds of exchanges do teachers have with students? Do the teachers make real connections with their students? Do the students seem excited and curious? Do the students respond with enthusiasm to teachers’ questions? Do many of these questions inspire children to think about and brainstorm answers, or is there only one right answer?

·  What does student work look like? Look around the classroom and ask to see some homework assignments. Does this work look creative and inspired? Are there fill-in-the-blanks answer sheets? Is this the kind of work your child would find interesting and benefit from doing?

·  How does the school address social-emotional issues? Does the school have specific guidelines and programs in place for helping children develop communication skills and work through social conflicts? Ask the school to describe their approach. Consider whether this will work for your child.

·  What are the discipline and homework policies? Many schools have specific disciplinary rules involving everything from “time outs,” to meeting with the principal, to expulsion. Ask for specifics and consider if they will work for your child and for you.

 Having reviewed some of this points, here is a list of the Top 6 Elementary Schools located in the Culver City area:


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El Marino Elementary School      -  Public, K-5.

11450 Port Road- Culver City, Calif 90230


Farragut Elementary  - Public, K-5.

10820 Farragut Dr – Culver City, Calif 90230


Playa del Rey – Public,  K-5.

12221 Juniette St – Culver City, Calif 90230


Linwood E. Home Elementary  -  Public, K-5

4100 Irving Place – Culver City, Calif 90232


La Ballona Elementary – Public, K-5

10915 Washington Blvd – Culver City, Calif 90232


El Rincon Elementary – Public, K-5

11177 Overland Ave – Culver City, Calif 90230

To see all thhe Culver City schools please click here.


While there are more elementary schools in the area, these are the ones that merit being mentioned the most and if you are moving to a home near these schools,   you want to try and send your kid to any of these schools.

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