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This could be more exciting news for the Myrtle Beach area. More jobs have been coming to this area this year. More jobs More homes!!

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From the Boeing website the company describes the 777X series "The 777X will be the largest and most-efficient twin-engine jet in the world, with 12 percent lower fuel consumption and 10 percent lower operating costs than the competition.

Horry County SC is letting Boeing know they are available to handle any or all of the process to Build the 777X plane. While it may be a long-shot South Carolina is trying to land another Boeing facility and Horry County would like to be the place. Boeing plans to start production of the 777X Aircraft in 2017 and start to deliver the 1st planes in 2020.

Horry County has had some new job creation this past year. The gun manufacturer PTR is moving it's gun manufacturing plant to Horry County and is starting to hire new employees for a January 2014 start date. By the end of 2016 PTR says it will have about 145 employees.

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