Buying Green Homes - Part 1

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Today, the conservation of the environment has become a buzzword and everyone making a development has to include environmental factors in every area of their project. Real estate developers have also joined the fray and today you will hear about eco friendly properties being the most popular. There are a number of factors that have continue to affect and degrade the environment including industrial pollutants, the excessive use of refrigerators, air conditioning and a number of home equipment and appliances. Most savvy buyers today want to play their role in preserving the environment and that is why the green revolution has reached the real estate industry.

Anyone who wants to make a difference as far as eco friendly homes go can be sure that no matter what role their play, their small choices will make an impact on the quality of life they live. There are important factors that can be incorporated in the project development that will enhance positive aspects including energy efficiency, alternative lighting sources, waste water management and the use of green building materials among others.

In Part 2 we will look at some of these more in depth.

Question to the Reader: Do you consider energy efficiency when purchasing a new home?



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