The Cape Romain Lighthouses

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An interesting landmark in the Refuge is the site of the Cape Romain lighthouses.  They are located on Racoon Key about 5 miles by boat from McClellanville.  The 65' tall original lighthouse was built in 1820.  It was replaced in 1858 by a new taller (150') lighthouse.  There were several residences on the island that are no longer there.  The light was automated in 1937 before being were decomissioned in 1947.

Both towers remain.  The towers were in disrepair for years, and the taller tower has a significant lean to it.  They were recently been stabilzed, but are still not open to the public.  You can access the island by boat to explore the site but not enter the towers.  Cape Romain Marine offers tours to the island. 

Here some interesting pictures Rett Graham McClellan sent me.  The first is of the smaller tower from the top of the second tower. 

The second is another view from the top of the taller tower.

The third is an interesting shot of the larger tower itself.

Growing up there were a number of stories of murder, ghosts and mystery, so much that I have no idea what is true and what is legend, but it is an impressive place regardless.

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