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Hello. I'm Christopher J. Williams.

I want to let you know about a solution that may help you own your house in 1/3 to 1/2 the time. This can help you with a adjustable rate mortages, five year arms, etc. Just take a look.

 Money Merge Account LogoMMA ( Money Merger Accounts )

Mortgages are calculated on a closed-end interest schedule. (one way street)

Certain Home Equity Lines Of Credit are on an open-end interest schedule. (Two Way Street)

Standard Fixed rate mortgage $200,000 @ 6% for 30years:
Monthly Payment = $1199 * 12 ( % * 2 ) * 30years = $431,676.

What if there was a way to trade closed-end interest for open-end interest and by doing so it would eliminate thousands of dollars of interest and multiple years off of your mortgage?

On a $200,000, 30-year mortgage, if you send $5,000 extra money to the mortgage company in a lumpsum you would reduce your interest by $28,000.

Problem: Most people don't have $5000 extra income to send.
Solution: Heloc

Using the Money Merge Account you could possibly own your house free and clear, Title in hand in less than 12 years, saving 18 years or 216 monthly payments of $1,199.00, which is a saving of $258,984.00. That is $258,984.00 you will have in your pocket. That is a Bentley the mortgage company is obtaining that you can be driving. Or a business well financed.

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You can also make $900 per sale with this product.

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