A Very Thankful Thanksgiving

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By Rebecca Cranwell

We at Magnets USA have a lot to be thankful for during this holiday season. Here are just a few things we’re particularly grateful for:

“I’m thankful for family and friends, a great job and co-workers. I’m thankful for the lovely weather…my list could go on and on…” Kelly Green, HR Manager/Accounting

Connie Wiley“I am mostly Thankful to believe and Trust in God. That He is Healing my Tasha…she is walking again; also for my family, friends, and co-workers. I am so thankful that I am still here in all things. Amen.”
~Connie Wiley, Administrative Support Assistant

“I’m thankful for my future husband, all my friends who stand by my side every day and of course—my job.” Sarah Meiar, Marketing Consultant

“Oh, my…this list could go on and on and on…I am particularly thankful for my LIFE, my FAMILY, and my FAITH!” Linda Blake, Graphic Designer

“I am thankful for my son—his happiness and well being.” Amy Olinger, Order Provisioning Administrator

“I’m grateful for a wonderful job and company to work for, as well as fellow employees, family and also my health.” Erin Zurawka, Order Provisioning Supervisor

“I am especially thankful for Magnets USA. I’ve worked here for 14 years and without MUSA I’m not sure where I would be today, probably selling something I don’t believe in. I’m thankful for my family, friends, and business colleges that keep sending business our way.” Misty Lemon, National Accounts Manager

Sharon Stanley“I am most thankful for my mother who is still well and active enough that she still beats me on the tennis court most Saturdays! Also, I’m thankful for my daughter, Sarah, and that we are all in good health and lack nothing. God has blessed us."
~Sharon Stanley, National Accounts Executive

“I’m thankful to have a family oriented workplace. This has quickly become a second family to me. I’m also thankful for my family and being able to provide for them.” Jayson McCoy, Marketing Specialist

“I’m incredibly grateful for music, friends, family, my sweetheart i.e. the man of my dreams, hula hoops, food on my plate, tea in my cup, the whirlwind of memories behind me and the exciting path ahead of me.” Becca Cranwell, Copywriter

"I am thankful for new beginnings and always having something to look forward to. I'm also grateful for the constants in my life - love, family, friends, my kitties - that tide me over through the rough patches." Kristen German, Web Administrator

"We're thankful for our jobs and work family."- Shelby J. Wyatt, Warehouse/ Production Manager

"I'm thankful for my family, friends, children, good music and good food."- Randy Johnson, Graphics Team Leader

We are all so incredibly grateful for our many blessings: family, health, a positive work environment, and the many friends we have made this year. With the holidays just around the corner, we can't help but allow our joy and gratitude overflow.

From Magnets USA: everyone have a safe and delightful holiday!

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