Roripaugh Ranch in Temecula is back on track!

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Roripaugh Ranch Main EntryHave you driven past the dust and dirt, off Murrieta Hotsprings and Pourroy? Have you wondered what the deal was with that club house - all by it's lonesome self? 

Well, you were not alone, because I was wondering too, for a long time. 

KB Homes at Roripaugh Ranch in Temeucla


Roripaugh Ranch homes for sale is now finally in full swing again, and there are a few builders going on. I will ad links as I get a chance to take a look at their offerings. For now, KB Homes, Standard Pacific and Van Daele is building homes out there. 

Things to know about Roripaugh Ranch in Temecula. 
The planned development is roughly 800 acres... It's BIG. 
Roripaugh Ranch where building is going on now, is going to be a gated community, you can see the gates already. 
Starting prices are running from $400,000 and upwards. 
The entrance to different builders are off Murrieta Hotsprings - which is now tied to Butterfield stage, offering you another backroad into wine country.

There are now properties for sale in Roripaugh Ranch, you can see some of them here.  Come back and look for video tours of the different builder models.Standard Pacific at Roripaugh Ranch in Temecula

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