Two Reasons To Buy Barrington Real Estate Now

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Two Reasons To Buy Barrington Real Estate Now December 2013

We are taking a look at Barrington Real Estate homes sold data year to date over the last four years to determine the health of the market.    We look at Average Days On Market (DOM) for homes sold as an indicator of demand in any particular market.   Barrington Real Estate is selling 30 days faster this year than last year at this time.  New listings coming to the market are up 68% over this time last year and sales are up 43%.  These are huge numbers compared to most other towns in New Hampshire.  Search homes for sale in => Barrington Real Estate

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Barrington Real Estate Price Trends

We look at benchmarks such as Median Asking Price, Median Sales Price, and Average Sales Price to gauge trends in value.   Median Sales Price is considered a best indicator of price trends because Average Sales Price can be artificially skewed by a transaction with an extremely high sales price or an extremely low one.   Median Sales Price is the transaction with a sales price in the middle of all the data with half of the transactions having a sales price above the median and half below.  Median Sales Price is up 2.2% this year after a 4% drop last year.  This is a mild increase in value for the large increase in demand and sales we have seen.     The calm before the storm…expect prices to rise if the inventory can’t keep up with demand which is a common problem in other towns around New Hampshire.

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Federal Home Buyer Tax Credit

The now expired Federal Home Buyer Tax Credit was in effect in Barrington Real Estate in 2010 and because it was an artificial stimulus to the market, values were propped up only temporarily.  After the Tax Credit expired in 2010, the recession caught up with Barrington and New Hampshire Real Estate through to 2012 although Average Sales Price continued climbing and could be considered a result of a “sell off” of some higher end Barrington waterfront properties.   Buyers took advantage of lower prices and kept the market on an even keel.  Well, the rest of the world has caught on now.  Buyers want Barrington Real Estate because they recognize the value is there.   If you are on the hunt for good value, consider Barrington Real Estate and know your => Finance Options

Barrington Real Estate Buy Now

Two reasons Barrington Real Estate is a good buy now:  Prices are attractive and mortgage rates are low.  Comparing the last 52 weeks of 30 year fixed rate mortgage history to the last 52 years, we can see that mortgage rates hovered around 3.5% for many months and have bumped up sharply about 22 weeks ago.  Looking at the last 52 years, we can see that we are in an era of the lowest mortgage rates in history.  Your experienced agent can help you whether you are buying or selling Barrington Real Estate.

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marty patriziMarty is a Realtor with The Bean Group and has been buying, selling, building, and renovating properties since 1988.  Marty can be reached for questions and more insight direct at 603-781-4099 or by email

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