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It’s a quite day today, Friday and Monday wore me out even with days in between. Parts came in for Brenda’s car just in time to avoid a third temporary permit. I was distracted by getting her car past inspection I almost missed the fact that my SUV was due too! Friday was along day, but both now past! Drove from inspection to The Tax office, Texas calls it what it is, no DMV here, but you wait in line just the same. They were closed!

Monday morning found me with two expired tags. Oh well you do what you have to, I went to the Tax Collector’s after two hours I was out of there. Legal at last. It could have been much worse! Because I can just barely walk I go to the handicapped line, before I fell down a nice young man gave me his chair, he was with his Dad to help interpret for him. I love being out with people you find such nice ones if you only look around! I miss real estate, if you’re doing it right you meet such nice people every day!

Today I’ve answered my mail and have YouTube playing on the other computer, just pleasant background noise.

Now I follow YouTube the same way I go to yard sales, from place to place as the signs lead me. Like yard saleing you see new territory and meet people you’d totally miss except for ramdon happenstance. Up came an old favorite of mine, that reminded me of what I miss.

 REALTORS®, real estate investors an even mortgage lenders should follow those paper and cardboard scrapes to yard sales. Some times they really do want to sell the yard. More importantly the people there want to talk! Talk and always leave your card! Unless you’re family or they had a bad time most people can’t remember their agent or LO a year after they close. If they don’t need you they may well know someone who does!

Yard saleing is cold calling at it’s best! They want you to stop, they’re glad to talk and you may find a Picasso for the cost of a junk frame.

There’s an added benefit! Following those random signs takes you into those neighborhoods just a few blocks off your beaten path. When I was selling real estate I regularly got listing and leads from yard sales in my farm area and out. In my farm area I sold a lot of homes to yard sellers that I met and could tell them about homes in their area that they could own, some times I even listed the house they were renting!

As a real estate investor it’s a great way to find unlisted properties both FSBO’s and those who hadn’t yet decided to sell.

As a real estate developer I can think of at least three of my apartments projects sitting on property I first saw at a yard sale! Two that I optioned at the sale, between other shoppers.

We are all seeking opportunity! The first two ingredients in opportunity just happen to be people and property! The rest are the same as for success, knowledge and motivation, if you’re motivated, knowledge can either be acquired or rented. Opportunity and success are with in your grasps!

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Yard sales are great for any business and I always find something that I can resell for a much higher price to pay for my weekend fun :)

Dec 03, 2013 10:25 AM
Ted Baker
Carmody and Associates LLC - Winter Haven, FL

Interesting article, Bill.  I would feature it in Silent Majority just for the music.

Nice to see you.  Have a safe holiday season and a Merry Christmas.

Dec 03, 2013 07:36 PM