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Holiday House Hunting in NoVA

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Here in Northern Virginia, as in most of the country, the holiday season may be one of the best times to buy a home. If you can find the time between all of the shopping, parties, and feasting, it can be one of the most advantageous times for house hunting.

While it’s true that during the holiday season the real estate market often slows down, it also means that mortgage lenders slow down as well, giving you a chance to have your loan processed faster. Having fewer homes on the market doesn’t mean that you won’t find something you like, either. Not every seller takes his or her home off the market at this time. Some are very serious sellers, with tax reasons or other motivations behind them, trying to sell before the end of the year. This sense of urgency can only work in your favor.

Other benefits include the fact that homes will be often be priced lower in December. By waiting until spring you may miss out on a great deal that could bring your ideal home within your price range. You’re also likely to have much less competition, as some buyers aren’t as intrepid at this time of year.

Unfortunately, fewer homes on the market also could also mean that there may be fewer choices. Overcome this obstacle by knowing the difference between what features you must have and what you simply would really like to have. Write out a list and carry it with you, or keep it on your mobile device to make it that much easier to refer to it. Don’t let this railroad you into missing out on something special, however. Just like a shopping list, sometimes you stumble upon a great deal you hadn’t anticipated. Use the list as a guideline to help you prioritize and evaluate potential properties.

JC Advantage is here to help you find your ideal home in Northern Virginia, this holiday season or any time of year. Drop by for a visit to the office at 8245 Boone Blvd. Suite 410 here in Vienna.  If you prefer, give me a call at the office number at 703-442-0007, Ext 1, or send me an email at conor@jcadvantage.com.