Homes Near Chatham High School and Chatham Middle School

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Homes Near Chatham High School and Chatham Middle School

Chatham High School - 255 Lafayette Ave, Chatham, NJ
Chatham Middle School - 480 Main St, Chatham, NJ

Find all for sale Homes Near Chatham Middle School and Chatham High School in Chatham, NJ. Chatham Middle School is about a mile from Chatham High School, so the homes you will see will be in the same vicinity.

Selling a home near Chatham Middle School and Chatham High School? Request a custom evaluation for your Home near Chatham Middle School and Chatham High School. Local parents and students praise the communication efforts made between home and school.

Excellent Schools

Chatham Middle School

Chatham's school district is considered one of the best in the state, along with being one of the top public schools in the nation. Chatham Middle School has a 10 out of 10 Great Schools Rating. The test scores for Language Arts Literacy, Math and Science for students in all three grades are far higher than the national average.
Chatham High School also receives a 10 out of 10 Great Schools Rating, with much higher than average test scores. One parent called Chatham High School "Better than most private high schools and rivaling the lyons share of junior colleges!" Chatham High School was ranked #13 in the state by U.S. News' Best High Schools Rankings for 2013. That says a lot!
Remember, when you go on our website and look at any home, you can pull up Elementary, Middle and High School information for that home's area. You will find it right under the property remarks.

About Chatham, NJ

Chatham Borough is a quiet, carefully developed, residential community located in north-central New Jersey. Chatham was named “One of the Top Ten Places to Live in the United States” by “Money Magazine" in 2005. Located 25 miles west of New York City on the eastern edge of Morris County. Chatham Borough and Chatham Township share a common heritage and both are often referred to by their shared name, Chatham or The Chathams.

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