2014 FHA Loan Limits for California

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2014 FHA Loan Limits for California 

FHA has announced the 2014 FHA Loan Limits, and max FHA Loan Amounts accross much of California will be lower in 2014.   The FHA Loan Limits are based on a formula created back in 2009 for the HERA bill (Housing and Economic Recovery Act, aka one of the many stimulus bills that actually stifled parts of the economy).   

The good news - the loan amounts are still strong enough to help most folks buying homes, as they exceed average county home prices in virtually every California County.  In Higher Priced counties such as SF, Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, Orange, and Los Angeles,  most homebuyers will be well served with conventional and VA loan options, but the higher end is being cut down to $625,500 for a max FHA Loan amount.  

Click here to view all California County FHA Loan Limits for 2014

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