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So You Don't Want Sell Your Home During the Holidays

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Christmas DecorationsSo You Don't Want Sell Your Home During the Holidays. I get it.  
Despite all the advice you have been given:
  • That your home will look very appealing and festive
  • That those buyers that are looking during this time of the year are very motivated. They have to buy now and not wait until after the holidays.
  • There are fewer homes on the market, so, less competition.... and so on...
Despite the above advantages, you really don't want to market your home now for whatever reason..... 
Then Here Is What You Can Do!!
  • When you take out those strands of lights to decorate with, throw away the ones that no longer work, are frayed or that have too many missing bulbs.
  • When you go through the tree decorations, seriously look at those that have not been on your tree for years. Give away the ones that no longer match your theme, or that are cracked and broken. Yes, I know little Johnny's hand print from 20 years ago is cute. He might enjoy putting it on his own tree now.
  • If you spot duplicates of things you no longer use or decorate with, donate them to friends, family or to a worthy shelter. 
Remember that when you move, you will either pay for moving the weight of items you will no longer use, or you will then need to have the appropriate amount of storage for these items at the new place. 
You might as well get in the habit of deciding which items are going to be moved, donated, or discarded. 
Only decorate with the items that are going with you to the new place. But say, all your items are already up and about on the tree or fireplace... see below..
When the decorations come down, go through the same decision process as above: about which items are going or staying. Pack them now, and do so with the same care that you would use for packing treasured items. 
Do the same for your Holiday themed plates, platters, and pans. After the holidays, as you sort through the keepers, do a light clean of their area of storage. This will save you a lot of time later knowing that at least this yearly chore is clean, done and ready to go. And then on January 2, call me.
HollyHappy Holidays!
By the way, for an excellent choice of homes in the Inland Empire, call me. This message has been approved by the red suited guy with the white beard. 
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