Selling your home during the Holidays in North Texas

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If you are thinking about making a move now and have to sell your house:

Please read the following thoughts now.

You won't have to struggle to make a decision with this information.

  1. Yes now can be a great time to sell your home and you could be moved by the first of the year or early January 2014.
  2. It is also a time of year right after the first of the year that many companies will be adding to their workforces when the new budgets drop.
  3. The money frees up and they start to hire the new folks.
  4. If your house is listed it has a 2 time better chance of selling between now and April because of fewer houses for sale and more motivated Buyers.
  5. After April the competition of listings climbs quickly, while that may be good for Buyers it probably isn't so good for a Seller and this is why:
  6. The more inventory of houses for sale in Texas the more competition for the Buyers who may be interested in your kind of house.They will have more choices.
  7. REALTORS are going to load the inventory of homes for sale and for rent beginning in April to make sure we have enough for the Texas summer movers who don't want to move while children are in school or it is too cold.

So many REALTOR folks choose to not work at this time of year, in fact many of those I know take at least the last 2 weeks of the year off. I never do, even though I have family in nice warm places, I have found that there is good business to be done this time of year.

Any Buyers calling me for help this time of year are SERIOUS about a home search and purchasing.

They are definitely not what some would call "looky-loos". Those who simply love to shop are not usually out doing it when the weather is cold and potentially nasty. They will stick to online browsing and call when it gets warmer.

So if you want to sell your house in North Texas the question is when and how badly?

Your price may be a bit better as the inventory will be lower, if the condition of your property is execellent there may even be bidding wars.

You can restrict when you want to have it shown and still enjoy the holidays with the family. If you want to discuss it, give me a call or text: 214-236-2908 Cell/Text

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