Snow Days in the D.C. Metro/Northern Virginia Area

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Today is the 2nd snow day in the D.C. Metro area.  If you are new to our area, some of the behaviors associated with snow might surprise you--like the fact that everything shuts down and everyone hibernates!

Despite this unexpected break, there are some things you should take care of today that will help you get back on a regular schedule tomorrow. 
  1. Clear the snow at the curb so that water flows to the sewer. Otherwise when temperatures drop, you may end up with a frozen pond at the top of your driveway!
  2. Don't use harsh chemicals on your cement.  It eats away at the surface and is dangerous for pets.  Most pet stores sell pet-friendly versions which are also gentler on surfaces. 
  3. Use a broom to sweep away melting snow and ice.  This will help surfaces dry and prevent icy patches in the morning
  4. It might be too late for this snow storm, but for those that will come later, make sure your gutters are clear.  Clogged gutters will freeze, causing ice damming. This will result in interior water damage. I've seen it happen!
  5. Clear your sidewalks! In a lot of communities they are on your land through an easement, but you are responsible for keeping them cleared.
  6. Clear your headlights, hood, trunk and roof.  If you've ever been hit by one of these flying sheets of ice and snow, you know how important it is drivers behind you may be temporarily blinded by the debris hitting their windshield.
  7. Clear your mailbox so that your mail can be delivered.
  8. Watch for black ice! It only takes a small amount of water to create an ice patch and they are often invisible!
  9. Leave early if you have to get somewhere! 
  10. Enjoy the break!
Happy snow day!!



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