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The road to homeownership is one most Americans travel along at some point in their lives, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy road to follow. How can a first-time homebuyer possibly be expected to know and remember all the steps between deciding that they want to buy a home and signing their name on the dotted line? Of course, this is one of many times when real estate agents and other real estate professionals - with all their experience and accumulated knowledge - can step in and help.

Guide, Generate Business from Aspiring Homeowners 

Let’s say an aspiring first-time homebuyer in the earliest stages of the home-buying journey stumbles upon your site hoping to learn about what it takes to buy a home. It’s an Internet-dominated age, after all, and consumers want to find answers online. Picking up the phone or even sending an email are methods few consumers at this point in the home buying process would resort to. Can you reasonably expect such a consumer to reach out to a real estate professional like yourself when they don’t even know what buying a home entails (or if homeownership is even right for them)? Most likely not.


This is exactly the issue the Market Leader blog staff hoped to overcome when it created “The Road to Homeownership” infographic. By posting it on your website or blog, you can provide an outline of the home-buying process - a roadmap, if you will - and perhaps give aspiring homeowners the knowledge and boost of confidence they need to start the long and arduous process of buying a home. Real estate professionals’ websites are meant to capture leads; use this graphic to help you organically generate leads of homebuyers in the early stages of the home-buying journey.

A roadmap for homeownership

Creating “The Road to Homeownership”

The Market Leader blog staff put our heads together and made a list of what we believe the noteworthy steps along the road to homeownership are, from start to finish. We boiled the process down as much as possible but still couldn’t get it under 18 steps!


The steps were ordered based on how we felt it would be easiest for aspiring homeowners to understand (we recognize the journey may look a little different for some consumers). We then divided the steps into broad categories, like “During the Home Search” and “Post-Offer,” to communicate to consumers at what general stage of the homebuying process they should expect to reach them.


Unfortunately, we were unable to include detailed explanations for each step due to the graphic’s space limitations. It’s a graphic, after all, not a blog post. If you want to provide additional context for your website’s visitors, we encourage you to refer them to the MarketLeader.com blog post the graphic was published on. It contains a detailed description of each step, enough to give consumers an idea of what they must do.

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