buying a home in Temecula? Get a home inspection

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So, your thinking about buying your own place? First of all, congratulations, owning your own home is satisfying and a don't forget a great investment!

Some of the steps involved that you have likely heard about are:

Ken Williams of Diamond Valley Home InspectionLet's talk about that last item, the home inspector is a pretty important part, and is important we understand why. 

To the right you can see Ken Williams of Diamond Valley Home Inspection on a roof, even the roof needs a look for broken or shifted roof tiles. 

Many people interpret the home inspection, as a tool to leverage against the seller, in an effort to reduce price. That may work in some cases, but more importantly, the home inspection should serve as a tool for you to know what condition the property is, it's like having a person who knows what to look for and how, go kick the tires for you. 

So, what are you looking for? Generally, you want to know what the condition of mechanical systems, it's common to find ddeferred maintenence items, such as unchanged filters, clogged dryer vent, or an A/C that doesn't cool quite as much as it should. It could also be a faulty circuit breaker, some detector or say, leaky faucets. 

Most of these are things that you want to be aware of, one you own the property. And yes, some of these you can also negotiate with a seller to request repairs or a credit. When you're ready to purchase your Temecula home, feel free to call me and I'll be happy to recommend a few inspectors to you. 

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