Steps to buying a Temecula home

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As the market returns to normal - slowly,  but it's getting there, it is time to get in on a house of your own before they get too expensive, Here are some things you need to consider before you jump into it. 

  • Get Pre-approved
  • Find a good Realtor
  • Get familiar with your market and values (your Realtor will help you)
  • Find a good home inspector, Why get a home inspection

Now that's the easy part, you also need to decide what you would like in a house.  One way to do this is to create a "Needs and Wants" list. 

All you need is paper and two columns, first one is needs, second one wants. Now list the things you need - say 3 bedrooms, a roof (yes I'm a funny guy that way), 3 car garage, etc... You get the idea,  these are things got must have.  The wants are things that would be nice, like a fireplace, pool or maybe a large garage. 

Once you have this, you have a much better last of the specs you want in your house , and it makes my life easier since I know what to look forward. The next step is the looking part.

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