Buying Green Homes - Part 2

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Energy Efficiency: This is perhaps one of the most important features that can be included in the design of a green home. This means that you are going to deliberately select energy efficient appliances including cooling appliances and water heaters. One of the ways to ensure you achieve this goal is to ensure that windows are designed in the correct places so as to enhance ventilation. Your architect should be able to ensure that widows are placed in a direction where they will make greater use of sun warmth in order for you to reduce electricity consumption.

Green materials: You can also encourage your builder to use eco friendly materials and especially the use of recycled materials as much as possible.

Waste water management: During the development of the project, you also want to take care of proper management of waste water so as to avoid pollution of water sources. This may include the reduction of rain water runoffs that can carry too many chemicals to nearby water sources; that way you will have reduced water pollution to some extent. We all know that sometimes this water is what carries with it germs and other pathogens that cause various diseases. You want to ensure that you have reduced the amount of impervious surfaces so that the rain water is used for irrigating gardens and lawns. Talking to your architect and builder before starting the project is what will contribute into an eco friendly home any time any where.


Question to the Reader: Is your home energy efficient?


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