The Beautification Project Conundrum

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Fort Lauderdale is already a beautiful city.

My Galt Ocean Realty office is located on what is called the Galt Ocean Mile just north of Oakland Park Blvd. on A1A and it is not in what I would call the most beautiful of strips off the beach in Fort Lauderdale.

At one time the Galt Mile was a shining beacon of what Fort Lauderdale was all about. Rows of gleaming beach condos and scads of upscale bars and restaurants made the area the ultimate in South Florida chic beach luxury. That was some time ago. Still beautiful, the Galt Mile could, in my opinion, use an upgrade. Seeing as my company, Broward County RE Group, LLC., is in the business of upgrading properties in the Fort Lauderdale area, a more beautiful Fort Lauderdale is definitely in my best interests.

Well, the city of Fort Lauderdale has decided to plan a beautification project that would significantly enhance the Galt Mile. The city held a meeting Wednesday night to discuss further plans for the proposed project that would stretch from Oakland Park Blvd. to Flamingo Avenue and give the area better walkability and more bike access, as well as improved landscaping and overall beautification of the entire area.  

See below for a proposed design:

While this new design would certainly increase property values in the area, which I'm all for, it does bring one major negative. I received an E-mail from our Galt Ocean Realty office manager asking us to come to Wednesday's city meeting to voice our disapproval of the project.

But how could a real estate office be against making its very commmunity more beautiful?

Well, the proposal would mean that our office, with its doors right on A1A, would now be pushed behind the highly trafficked road. A pedestrian walk would be put in front of the office, but it would no longer be visible from the main road. See below:

So I'm torn on the matter. Do I want values to go up in the area at the expense of losing valuable foot traffic into our office? Is it selfish to be against the improvement of the area for that reason? As realtors out there, what do you think? 

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