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commercial-real-estate-minnesotaReal estate in Minnesota is going well so far. There has been a high demand from different sectors. Although residential properties are more demanding, there are lots of investors who are willing to do business therefore the commercial real estate in Minnesota is still a good option for investment.

Commercial real estate in Minnesota has similarities with residential properties but there are also several differences. Residential transactions are standardized compared to commercial real estate transactions; every residential purchase generally involves underwriters for loan approval and needs to fit within certain perimeters. A commercial real estate transaction takes 60 days or more before a deal is closed. For the bank’s side, it takes usually three weeks for the appraisal. As for bank loans, small banks offer lower and competitive interest rates while trying to compete with big banks as much as possible. Flexibility in approving a loan on commercial properties are more likely, but for sure, their are policies that should be met. One of the policies involved is for a business to have proper and good cash flow. Meanwhile, all loans should have guarantees. Usually, a 20% of the total value of the property is required as a down payment.

There are several things to be considered when purchasing a commercial real estate in Minnesota. One thing to be considered for a good commercial real estate is the location. This is a critical factor in owning a commercial property wherein Investors will carefully consider if they will lease or own a commercial property. It also depends on the business they own or wanting to have. Of course they would want to have one that could give them convenience and good returns. For example, a shipping company would not want their business to be located that is far from the freeway due to the business’ need for travel. Investors are sophisticated so typically they know which commercial property they want to have, whether the location of their commercial property could give good returns or not.

It is very important for business owners to determine their short-term and long-term goals to decide if they will rent or own a certain commercial property. This gives the business a certain image of stability that convinces banks to approve a loan. If a commercial property is impressive enough, the possibility for a loan to be approved is high. It is very necessary to determine the cash flows in order to assess whether the business is earning high or not. This is a critical consideration that should be included in every decision-making.

There is a lot of private commercial real estate in Minnesota as well as bank owned commercial properties. This is where the services of a real estate agent become critical: they are there to help out in looking for a good property for your business.


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