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Christmas is a time of year where we find joy in giving.  Giving our sons and daughters the hottest toys of the season. Giving our mothers and fathers the lavish trips they deserve. Giving our selves a chunk of undesirable debt and stress!

Unfortunately Christmas has become more about gift giving and less about the true meaning.  Sadly, life has us so busy that we tend to buy our loved one's happiness. We run through stores searching for the biggest and best gifts to please our children.  We spend money that we do not have to impress people that we do not know. 

Why not stop?  Why not teach our children that love doesn't come with dollar signs and flashing lights?  Why not spend time with friends and family, sharing stories and memories of the past year and breaking bread with loved ones?  In doing so you are not only creating great traditions and setting good examples for the younger generations but you are also alleviating financial stress for the upcoming year.    

So yes, give this year...Give your children your attention and love. Give your parents your time and undoubtedly respect. Give yourself a peace of mind and a stress free 2014!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Improve My Credit USA!

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