Real Estate Updates Via Facebook

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Today I'm going to take a break from my typical hard money based blog post and instead talk about using Facebook as a tool to keep clients and others interested in real estate updated with what is going on.  

Facebook is a great tool to use for keeping people updated and also for keeping your name/your company name fresh in their mind.  The great thing about using Facebook for these types of updates rather than using a blog is that you can put a wider variety of information out there.  Rather than concentrating on only your small niche as you may want to do on your main website blog, you can cast a wider net with a large variety of updates that may not directly relate to your core business.

In addition, updating a Facebook page is not as time consuming as creating a blog post may be.  You don't have to write the article, but rather can simply link to articles or interesting information that your potential or past clients may be interested in.  For an example of this, take a look at my Facebook page, California hard money lenders.  While my primary business is hard money, using my Facebook page I can create a stream of information that would interest a wide variety of people.  These are people who may be potential clients, but also people who may not be potential clients, but who may refer potential clients.  

The stories I find and post all relate to real estate, and most relate to California real estate directly.  Some may be stories on specific locations, such as market reports for San Diego or San Francisco.  Others may be information on the overall real estate market or special interest stories.  Still others can be more specific to my area of expertise such as stories on alternative lending or fix and flip financing.  Looking at some recent stories I found and posted you can see one posted back on December 8 was about Barry Bonds' Beverly Hills property.  This does not relate to my business directly, but it is an interesting story and people may like to read about it.  On December 12 I posted a story about no tax penalties on short sales.  Again, this may not relate to my business directly, but it is good information that some clients may find useful.

By utilizing a Facebook page for more general stories and blog posts on my main site for more specific items I can create information streams that fit multiple demographics.  This allows me to keep my name in front of more people so that when someone is in need of private money or hard money sometime in the future, they remember me.

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