Five Useful Tips to Set a Real Estate Agent Apart from the Crowd

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Five Useful Tips to Set a Real Estate Agent Apart from the Crowd

Are you a successful real estate agent? What helps you achieve your success? © Andy Dean - -

Have a Meaningful Web Presence
Yes, I know, you've been told a thousand times to get a website, and many brokerage houses offer custom templates that make it easy. However, if your website is just static, meaning, that it just sits there and never changes or is not connected to anything, it's virtually worthless. You don't need a fancy website, but a free Wordpress or Yahoo blog that you update very frequently works wonders for your web exposure. Even short blog entries such as "Got another listing today!" adds up in search rankings.

Have a Meaningful Social Media Presence
This is easy to do. Do keep your personal profile separate from your professional profile, and creating a professional page is easy. Don't bombard your profile with listings unless they are extraordinary. Post industry relevant articles and news, and encourage discussion on industry events. Always promote your page and ask for "Likes" or "Follows." These are like internet currency, the more you have, the more exposure you get.

Partner With Other Professionals
Search out and find a quality Attorney, Title or Escrow Company, and Loan Officer. Enter into a cooperative promotion partnership and all invest an agreed upon sum to design a web or traditional promotions featuring your entire partnership. Market yourself as A Professional Team, this will give you an advantage over the unconnected agent.

Take a Photography Course
In a listing, photo's matter, very much so. I cannot tell you what a turn off bad listing photo's are to prospective clients and buyers. Get a quality camera and take a course at your local community collage. Great listing photo's will set you apart.

Find a Market Niche
Find a niche that appeals to you, and learn it. Market niche's such as Staging, Short Sales, Relocations, Corporate listings, etc., offer you an opportunity to further set yourself apart. Make sure you mentor with an experienced professional in your chosen niche to gain the experience and knowledge.

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