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Austin, Texas is currently having a modern home and modern design trend boom.  And, I thought I would post this blog to see if other members in others US cities are seeing the same trend. 

What is "modern"?  Yeah, that's tricky.  Some will say it only MCM or Mid Century Modern, those are the die-hard with Eichler tattoos.  Others will tell you, and this is what's boomin in Austin, is that modern is sense of space and design that clean, sleek and sophisticated.  The use of hardwoods, bamboo, steele, concrete and glass seem to be staples of modern design.

In Austin, modern design demands huge premiums over 1930's bungalos or craftsman homes in the city core.  My question to other bloggers out there is: Why?  Don't get me wrong, I love modern, and I sell modern, see , but I'm curious about what's going on in other US cities with modern home sales, prices and trends.

Here are a few links to modern info: and  

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