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This time of year as we enter into the Christmas season, I always like to take time to evaluate my business and the systems of my business. I usually “gift” myself a new tool that will improve my business. In the past I’ve purchased a MacBook Pro (a big game changer) then an iPad and an iPhone. These tools have been immeasurable to making me much more efficient at communication and organization. Those two elements really affect my professionalism in today’s market. These tools allow me to really excel at technique.


I also evaluate the transactions that I’ve had this past year. I like to look at how frequent they came and who they were with. I also like to look at how I could improve my service to each transaction in the future.


This year, I’ve started reconnecting with my clients and customers like never before. I really want to solidify my relationship with them as REALTOR professional, so that when they or their friends even speak a word about selling real estate, I will come to their mind.


I can’t believe I have missed out on such a fun and rewarding part of Real Estate. I already know these people and they already know me. I really just need to harness the tools I already have and start connecting with them. In fact I’m headed to meet a dear friend, client/customer for breakfast this morning!


Pressing On!


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