Brand Change? No Big Deal.

Services for Real Estate Pros with Magnets USA®

By Rebecca Cranwell

Customer service with a smile.

We are an approved supplier for a number of companies. This year one of our most valued business accounts merged with another company, leaving many real estate agents in limbo as far as their marketing was concerned.

Their marketing products needed new logos, color-changes, and other brand-specific adjustments. As if logo changes weren’t enough to make those involved tear out their hair, many agents were completely in the dark as to how to update their marketing to represent the new company name: complete with approved logo, color distinctions, and new information.   

Having worked with real estate agents specifically for the past twenty years, we’ve picked up a few of their business strategies; one of which is the importance of good service and thinking of your client first. During the “Great Switcheroo of 2013,” as I like to call it, Magnets USA made sure to alleviate any stress our clients were feeling over the transition.

To help our valued clients, we:

  • Signed up for ‘early access information,’ which allowed us to create company approved designs, so they would be ready for agents as soon as possible.
  • Worked directly with corporate to create and establish new products
  • Allowed customers affected by the change to order at early order discounts, then held orders until offices were converted—so they still got a great price on goods.
  • Notified customers who were not aware of the changes, so they would not print products incorrectly.

Let me tell you: despite all the stress changing the logo, branding, and color requirements created for our designers (dealing with the company branding department and what not), we are very glad we undertook this feat for our clients.

Real estate agents have enough on their plate without having to worry about changing details on their marketing products. It was not big deal, just a lot of back-and-forth work for us, but it was all worth it to help our customers.

From this experience we learned how important it is to keep existing customers happy—not just with great products—but by making their lives as easy as possible, even if it means a little extra work on our end. Isn’t that what great customer service is about anyway?


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Debbie Reynolds, C21 Platinum Properties
Platinum Properties- (931)771-9070 - Clarksville, TN
The Dedicated Clarksville TN Realtor-(931)320-6730

I order magnets form you all I really never think what goes on behind the scenes. I appreciate your attention to this before a big problem arose. Thanks for your contest entry.

Jan 02, 2014 05:22 AM
Magnets USA
Magnets USA® - Roanoke, VA

Wow, fancy that Debbie :) Thanks for being a loyal customer! Also, thank you for running this contest. We enjoyed reading about all the amazing "big deal" and "no big deal" stories. It was great to learn about how our clients help THEIR clients. Have a great New Year!

Jan 06, 2014 11:18 PM