Christmas at the Beach, Anyone?

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Christmas at the Beach, Anyone?


Picture yourself carrying a gift you received.  A blanket on your left arm. The love of your life strolling by your side, carrying some exquisite champagne for you. Hmm... Maybe an eggnog? How about some prime rib and hot buttered rum? Throw in some oyster stew for a bit of boost. A thunderous beat blaring throughout  the shore.  


Spend Christmas at the beach when you live so close. Give the best real estate agent in Singer Island a call and find an Oasis Singer Island condo for sale today.


Feel the warm sun caress your skin as you stride towards your friends. The sand tickling your feet. The breeze persuading you to hurry, dance with the wind!  Friends happily giggling and laughing as you all celebrate the yuletide season by the beach.  


A grand scene, isn't it?  The sun setting, and the music lightening to a soft beat. Still inviting you to dance in a slow and steady manner with your loved one. A bonfire ignites in the middle of the crowd dancing to the jazz music. Lie back on your blanket and chill.  You start to think.. “C’est la vie.”  


Wouldn’t it be pleasant to have a place near the beach to celebrate the occasionally? Or just to kick back and relax after all the stress that accumulated during the year.  A fastidious way of relaxing and enjoying moments with loved ones and friends.  A place to get away from it all and throw caution to the wind for fun! Yuletide at the beach it is!


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