Big Mountain has EPIC Snow!

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The valley got about 6" in the last 24 hrs but the ski hill got dumped on. I skiied 2x this week and there is so much powder and no people, probably today will be a busy day though.


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Reported on Dec 21st, 2013 at 05:27 by Big Dave*  


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Groomed Runs & Open Lifts

Today's Deep Thoughts:

8:00am- The anticipation is overwhelming. Visibility is still good at the summit but some low clouds are starting to move in and out on The Face. Epic Day Ahead!

6:45am- Not to brag but from what I have seen we have the deepest snow in the country today and as far as I can tell the deepest in North America. Enjoy.

6:00am- I am almost speechless at how good today is going to be. We have had 28" of snow in the last 7 day and there is more in the forecast. I left at 3:30pm yesterday and it was thigh deep and then 8 more inches of snow fell overnight. Words like "Face Shots" and "The White Room" will be commonly used to describe the skiing today. Bring out your snorkel because it is going to be epic.

Groomer skiers will have as good of a day as us powder hounds because of all of this new snow. The snow stopped before midnight so expect the softest smoothest corduroy this morning. Runs like Toni Matt and Big Ravine should have some fresh pow on the runs while others areas like Chair 2 and Chair 7 will have fresh smooth corduroy.

Chair 4 will be running today and should open at 9:00am like Chair 2 does. Double check at Chair 1 before you head down there to be sure it will be on time. The whole mountain is going to be amazing today. The winds were light yesterday so drifting is not a problem today. Patrol will be busy first thing so give them time to safely open terrain and the wait will be worth it. This is the kind of day that you will remember for years.

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