Home Inspection?

Real Estate Appraiser with Priority One Appraising, LLC
I was recently doing an appraisal while the home inspector was there doing his inspection.  I listened to his comments to the future home owner.  He instructed her that she needed a roof certification from a qualified professional, and a furnace inspection from a qualified professional.  My thoughts at that time were, what is she paying you for?  Is this standard practice in the home inspection market to "pass the buck" to someone who is qualified?  If your not qualified then why are you doing the inspection?  I have had home inspections done and my inspector was able to tell me about the roof and the furnace and if he was unable to I would not use him.  All that guy did was take a fee from a prospective buyer and leave her with no peace of mind, ridiculous!  Get a home inspector that is a home inspector.

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