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2013-12-21 Rocky Point Mexico News REMAX December 2013

Amazing how fast a year can go by. I am proud to report that today December 21, 2013 although we are well into our winter I am wearing shorts and sandals of course with my collared RE/MAX Rocky Point shirt on.

As we experience ups and downs in our market like the US experience government shut downs combined with amazing real estate recoveries in areas like Vegas and Phoenix one thing will always remain. 

..... The facts!

Rocky Point Mexico is a beachfront community 1 hour south of the Arizona border. Being born and raised in Arizona as you can imagine we have made many trips back and forth. Although I love AZ after a few days driving in the traffic I am always excited to get back home to Rocky Point. Some ask about safety in Mexico, saftey driving down and this is my response. I have drove to and from Rocky Point once a month on average for the last 7 years. That is about 80 to 90 trips and my wife and I have never had an issue. Not to say something may happen some day just like something could happen in AZ or Cali or... by the way we live in town and nothing but a warm home to return to.

Our beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world with a calm tide and a very gradual decline into the water. 

Below is the beach my parents bought their first lot and built a house on .... in 1979! Thank you for the memories!

We have 9 months of amazing weather and AC with ocean views for the summer.

The government has funded Rocky Point to have a home port built for cruise lines. The funds are in state and groundbreaking has begun. It makes sense we are 5 hours driving distance from 9 million people.

The international Airport is now receiving flights from Vegas.

We have a wide variety of beach front resorts with ocean views condos that start at or below $100,000. These same condos went for well over $300,000 in our last market peak in 07 / 08.

Two bedrooms range from low 100's to $250,000 currently but peaked in 07 / 08 for over $400,000.

Our past boom was highly influenced by the Arizona market. As Arizona shifted we felt every bit of it. Now on the recovery side we are experiencing a large increase in activity due to Arizonas real estate market improving combined with the huge exposure we are experiencing due to social media, internet and all of those on the west coast looking to own on the beach and enjoy sun as apposed to snow.

Recently House Hunters international did a show about Rocky Point Mexico which has greatly influenced our area being known about.

Lasty consider the facts combined with total sales.

  • 2011 - 141 residential / condo sales
  • 2012 - 197
  • 2013 - 250 

Good news is prices are still outstanding although inventory is down and values are going up.

Email us for a direct link to our local MLS.

It is a good life in Rocky Point Mexico!

Branden MacKenzie

REMAX Owner / Agent 

602-334-4359 US number for our office in Mexico 

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