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Five Christmas Decoration Organization Tips

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Five Christmas Decoration Organization Tips

With the holidays quickly approaching, we will all be dealing with the aftermath of putting away decorations sooner than we think. Fortunately this is not a chore you need to dread anymore! Below are five helpful tips for organizing the post-holiday chaos.

Don't forget to play some great music while you are un-decorating!  Make it a fun day with family or take turns with a friend to un-decorate both of your homes!

Beth Lester's Christmas Tree


1.  Purchase color-coded bins from your local store. Red and green bins may be preferable so they will be easy to locate for next year.


2.  Take down decorations one room at a time. Make sure to keep all the decorations separated by room.


3.  Safely pack all your decorations in separate boxes by category (i.e. Kitchen Decorations, Living Room Decorations, Front Porch Decorations, etc.). Make sure to label each box as you pack them to ensure easy recovery next year.


4. Keep all the Christmas tree decorations in a separate box and pack ornaments and keepsakes carefully. Don't forget to label the box!


5. Find a good spot to store your boxes and stack them in order of importance. Put the most important boxes where they will be easily accessible.


These tips will ensure your next holiday will be much more relaxing and you will have more time to spend with your family. 

May you have a wonderful Christmas Season and a fabulous 2014.

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