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As its name suggests, real estate in Escondido is one of California’s best kept secrets. Settled first by the Native Luiseño and Kumeyaay Tribes, and later by Spanish explorer, Juan Bautista de Anza in 1776, Escondido has a rich and storied history. Nestled within a long valley along Southern California's coastal mountains, and about 18 miles inland, it was christened Escondido, or “hidden” in Spanish. Officially incorporated as a city in 1888, it stands today as one of the oldest cities in in San Diego County. Its age however, is the only thing dated about this beautiful city, which boasts a culturally diverse epicenter of arts, education, and stunning geographical features. 


Escondido has been widely praised as one of the few remaining places in California to offer fiscally attainable housing for many different income levels despite its enviable locale. In a state known for its usually otherwise prohibitive cost of living, Escondido makes living the dream remarkably attainable. 

With its Mediterranean climate, its summers are warmer and winters cooler than the other coastal towns in the region. The city first found its footing as an agricultural stronghold for citrus and grapes, and is still flanked by citrus and avocado groves paying tribute to its roots. Today however, there are also a wide range of industries for employment, including but not limited to health care, administrative and social services, education, entertainment, construction, and opportunities in the professional and scientific sectors. 


In terms of real estate, Escondido has a 52% owner-occupation rate for single family homes, and has the the lowest median cost in the North County. Ongoing growth continues to bring new developments to the area, ensuring there is a wide selection of neighborhoods fit to suit everyone’s individual needs. 


Amenities within the city abound. Escondido boasts 15 parks, which accommodate hikers, bicycle enthusiasts, horseback riding, fishing, boating, playgrounds, athletic fields for soccer, baseball, tennis and basketball, public pools, and historic orchards perfect for strolling through at any pace. 


The late, great, world-respected artist Niki de Saint Phalle donated her vision in order to create Queen Califia's Magical Circle, a sculptural garden in Escondido's Kit Carson Park. Saint Phalle created only three sculptural structures of this magnitude in her lifetime, and this is the only one standing in the United States. The massive sculptures and mosaic designs form a variety of features, including an Eagle throne, totems, and a snake wall and maze. The brightly colored art and imaginative designs are a treat or both young and old, and it is one of the city's many hidden treasures. Grape Day Park is one of the city's most prolific places for things to do, with no less than two theaters for preforming arts, a children's museum, and the Escondido History Center. One of the city's most beloved events is the annual “Cruisin' Grand", which centers on antique cars. 


Art Galleries, golf courses, shopping and restaurants are also present with a range wide enough to satisfy many styles, options and tastes. The recently opened Stone Brewing Company microbrewery is a popular place to unwind, while those in need of some deeper serenity can visit the Deer Park Buddhist Monastery, which stands as one of only three in the whole of the US under the instruction of world renown Zen master, Thich Nhat Hanh. Two Hospitals, a large and nationally recognized school system, and the continued efforts to promote growth without losing the community's small town identity make Escondido a very special place to grow with yourself. 


Many residents have lived here for several generations, and whether single, married, or with children, you will find something here that is perfect for your needs. While Money Magazine calls Escondido the Best Place in the West in which to retire, there's no need to wait to move to the perfect city. Escondido real estate is so much more than just homes; it is the lifeblood and foundation of a community that is as rich and vibrant as the sunsets this part of the West is famous for.


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