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What needs to be done to make your home sell faster in North Georgia? Selling your home is not as easy as one, two and three. The competition in the housing market is very stiff and you don’t want to end up on the bottom list of preferences. Let us face the fact that if you really wanted to sell your home, you have to consider a lot of aspects to ensure that your home stands out. It requires careful planning and preparation. Here are some basic tips on how to stage your home and make it stand out.


Clean, Declutter and Depersonalize

  • Cleaning, there is a saying that “cleanliness is next to Godliness”, so you want to make that impression. First impression is a lasting one and the first thing that you want  buyers to notice is how you maintained cleanliness in your home.

So, make sure that you thoroughly clean the entire home; scrub tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms;  clean hardwood floors; if you have a carpet, ensure that you have it cleaned; repair cracks and holes in the walls; repaint if necessary (2ShortSaleGuys has a list of featured partners for just about everything that needs to be done in a home, contact them as they may have discounts available to you). A clean home will always sell faster in a difficult market in North Georgia because the buyers have the impression that you took care of the home better during your time of living there.


  • Decluttering,getting rid or minimizing clutters around the house. Remember you need to showcase a spacious home and having clutters all over is unsightly for homebuyers. When you have clutter in your home, although you home may be large and spacious, buyers see it as small and not suitable for their needs. Homebuyers will not settle for a cramped home.

So, organize room closets and store out-of-season clothes, less is good to the eyes especially if the clothes are neatly folded and arranged; remove or store all toys, magazines, small appliances, even pet items; remove excess and oversized furniture; rearrange furniture to maximize space. You are trying to move yourself, pack the items that you are not using and rent a storage unit for a month or two, that cost of a storage unit will far come back to you in getting a better price and selling faster.


  • Depersonalizing, you have to detach yourself from the house. If you’ve decided on selling your home then you have to accept the fact in a short time it will no longer be yours. So, say goodbye and just let it go! Remove family photos, personal collections and even medications; remove items from the garage and store them off site; secure valuable items, including cash and jewelries. By depersonalizing, you will sell your home faster in North Georgia, as the buyers can picture their furniture and personal items in the home.


Maximize Curb Appeal

  • Maximizing curb appeal. Buyers are everywhere. Agents will bring their clients for a showing. And these buyers will just drive past your home because they don’t like what they see on the exterior. And just that alone will stop prospective buyers from getting inside. 2ShortSaleGuys have had this happen numerous times that buyer wouldn't go in the house because the curb appeal would take too much work. National Assocation of Realtors says that 83% of the time, a buyer will look at your home on the internet prior to calling an agent, they know what the inside looks like, so you have to make the outside just as appealing!

Wash the sidings and the windows; check your front door; mow your yard, trim shrubs and trees and rake the leaves; get rid of any toys or equipment lying on the yard; get rid of pet droppings; clean the gutters and downspouts; check the driveway and sidewalks and make repairs if needed; check the roof and make repairs if needed; paint the home’s exterior including trim, doors and shutters. Doing just a few of the small things that don't cost you much money, just time will make your home sell faster in a difficult market in North Georgia.


Pay Attention to Kitchen and Bathrooms

  • Kitchen and Bathrooms are the most important rooms in the house that buyers go to first. It is commonly one of the common specifications that buyers are looking for in a home. And to ensure that you hit the weakness of your buyer, it is important that you pay more attention to details on your kitchen and bathrooms.

So, make sure that floors are polished; countertops are clean; clean and organized pantry, cabinets and drawers; clean appliances and fixtures; replace old caulking around sinks and bathtubs; remove stains; and lastly hang fresh towels.


Show Off Your Home’s Best Features


Showing off your home’s best feature is like showcasing the best of what your home can offer without saying a single word. It means that “the home speaks for itself”. It will appear so irresistible that your buyers will be lining up to give you their offer.


So, remove rugs to show off hardwood floors; pull back drapes or curtains to showcase great views; stage front porch or deck with furnitures and flowery plants; make sure that the fireplace is in working condition and lastly, make sure that the backyard and the pool is clean if you have one.


With this basic tips, nothing can go wrong. We can guarantee you that your home will stand out and you just have to accept the best offer to give you top dollar. You will be one happy home seller and can now move on to create new memories.


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