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housing-market1 Whenever I am contacted to preview a seller’s home or property I already know that the number one thing they want to know is “How Much is My Property Worth”. It is the quintessential question and a good one. Some Berks County homes are easy to evaluate and price. Others are much more challenging. Ultimately, my opinion is just that…An Opinion. The fact that I live in Berks County my whole life (50 Years), have been in the real estate industry for 20 of those years and have sold over 1,000 homes does give my opinion some credibility Right? Not always. No matter what my opinion of value is the seller has the final say and rightfully so. After all, it is there home and investment. They understand the reasons why they want or have to move and in what time frame better than I. Unfortunately many of these reasons do not have a market value. They are the home seller’s desires. After evaluating a home for a seller I can give them a ballpark figure on its potential value. Often in these times the home seller is not brimming with joy over my opinion. They may believe me but… Reason #1…We can price it higher and always come down Reason #2…I believe you but think my home is better than the ones you compared it to Reason #3…We have to get this much or else Reason #4…I am not giving my house away Years ago I realized that no matter what my opinion was or how much information I provided to the home seller they would rarely take my advice when it came to pricing their home. So I have made changes. I no longer price homes. Now I offer pricing guidance. This is done by previewing the Berks County home sellers property and doing absolutely no market evaluation on it before seeing it. I then invite the seller to meet me at my office where I have large high resolution flat panel televisions hooked up to computers. The computers have access to the internet. I provide the guidance and together the home seller and I evaluate their home from a price perspective. If I do my job correctly, I will give them the correct information and guidance to price their property. Many times we will discuss a pricing strategy that not only leads to the initial pricing but possible adjustments in the future as needed. So far this has been both educational, enlightening, enjoyable and successful for both the home sellers and I. It may even lead to the seller feeling that now is not the right time to sell their home. This is better than sitting the home on the market at an overpriced rate for an extended period of time. This tends to stigmatize the home and it eventually sells for less. Buyers do not like to see homes sitting on the market for a long period of time. If no one else wants it why should they. They assume it is overpriced and/or is problematic in some way. So by now you probably figured out that most of the reasons a home does not sell or has an extended stay on the market is because of Price. Everything has a price and every home has a buyer. While patience is a virtue when waiting for the two to meet it is always a good thing not to hurt your homes chances by leaving it out there too long at too high a price. Happiness is our greatest value! Jeffrey C. Hogue

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Gerard Gilbers
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Jeffery, great information but extremely difficult to read without proper puncuation. White space can be a valuable tool! The readability factor is extremely difficult by only having one paragraph.

Dec 23, 2013 12:30 PM
Jeffrey Hogue
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I agree. I will go back through the posts and correct. I copied these posts from my web site in HTML and the spacing did not take when put into the script plugin on Active Rain.


You can read these and more articles if you have an interest at http://jeffreyhoguerealtor.com/ . The white space is there:)

Thank you for the heads up.

Dec 24, 2013 06:25 AM