Are You Ready For Christmas Yet?

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Christmas-Message-2013That blessed day is finally upon us, Christmas! It is the day we celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is a day to visit family members, give gifts and spread cheer. It is also the day when people stop asking if you are ready for Christmas yet (at least until next December).

Yesterday, I was asked if I was ready for Christmas. After giving the question some thought, I replied, “I am always ready for Christmas and will still be ready for it on December 26th”.

My answer was inspired by the thought that Christmas is kept in the heart not in the mall, online shopping, cooking for guests or decorating your house.

It is a well thought out circumstance that the Christmas season falls at the end of every year followed by the New Year celebration. Christmas offers us a tradition that leads people comfortably to a time of reflection, forgiveness and good will toward men. The New Year that follows, less than one week later, is the ultimate testament of a new beginning, a redo, but this time better than before.

It is this time of year when I reflect on the people who have called on me to help them buy or sell a home in Berks County. I picture them enjoying time with family and friends. The issues leading to the home purchase or sale are a thing of the past and now the fruits of the effort are in full bloom. I wish it were possible to bottle the emotion of the season and present it to every customer I work with. It would melt away the fears, concerns and doubts that arise during the home purchase and or sale.

People always ask me about selling homes in Berks County. I tell them I have never sold a home. No one has ever liked me enough to purchase a home they did not like because I am a good salesperson, and rightly so. I am simply their trusted real estate adviser and offer the best advice my 20 years of experience has granted me.

Working with real estate customers is not a service but a partnership. We succeed or fail together. Managing a Berks County real estate sale is more about the partnership than the home. Some agents like to tout themselves as upscale or luxury home specialists. I have never seen ANY piece of real estate anywhere that is more valuable than a person!

If we keep Christmas in our heart and mind throughout the year we will always be ready to forgive and be good to others. This happens through a daily renewing of our minds and soul that will keep you ready for Christmas every day of your life.

I pray that everyone can keep that special feeling this season brings locked in their heart and that all your New Year resolutions are kept.

I will continue to be a student of my trade to better my knowledge and wisdom of the real estate industry. I love the career I have chosen. I am blessed with the opportunity to meet people and build lasting partnerships and friendships.

To you all, I say thank you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Jeffrey C. Hogue

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