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Some of the post-Christmas reports have trickled in today.  Weekly Jobless Claims dropped to 338K (slightly short of the consensus prediction of 340K).  THe Dow is up 55 points today, with opening pricing roughly 0.125 - 0.250 worse than Tuesday's close.

This daily mortgage interest rate report is designed to provide Borrowers & Real Estate Profesionals with factual data regarding where rates are at any given time and what trends are propelling current mortgage pricing on any given day. Feel free to browse the library and research historical rate updates dating back over 2 years at whenever desired.  To make things easier, I have also posted a quick report on How To Read The Charts Below.

Also, make sure to learn THE TOP 10 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT MORTGAGE RATES (to help understand the relationship between rates & fees/credits) along with THE TRUTH BEHIND MORTGAGE QUOTES (to better understand the relationship between up-front closing costs and mortgage interest rates so you don't get duped by clever advertising campaigns). Remember, we all make better decisions in life when we have the actual facts to analyze...share this report with those whom you care about!

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The Mortgage Street Smarts of where mortgage interest rates are going (and why):

The following information is current as of Thursday 12-26-2013 and will help you understand today's best mortgage rates. If you are a Buyer/Borrower who is still on the fence (or if you are a Real Estate Agent attempting to educate your "on the fence" Buyer), please review these trends and secure an historically low interest rate before it is too late.

The market closed Tuesday with a SIGNIFICANT WORSENING to pricing. Tuesday's SIGNIFICANT WORSENING netted a change of 54 basis points (bps).

The market was closed Wednesday 12/25/13 in honor of the Christmas Holiday.

(Note: Upward activity on these charts is GOOD, downward activity is BAD)

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The following chart summarizes todays market activity:

 Lowest mortgage rates in San Diego -

The following chart shows market activity over the past 10 days (hint: green is good, red is bad):

 Lowest mortgage rates in San Diego -

The following chart shows market activity over the past 1 month:

 Lowest mortgage rates in San Diego -

Daily Interest Rate Snapshot (sample of rates from one of the country's largest Lenders...individual pricing will vary based on specific Borrower qualifications): NOTE: This Lender has quoted a 1.00% Origination Fee (1 Point) to accompany this pricing. It bears noting that this chart does not necessarily represent todays best mortgage rates.

 Lowest mortgage rates in San Diego -

Market Commentary (Bill Fisher)


Hello, and a very Happy Holiday experience to you. The season has already brought several gifts to those of us concerned with the health of the real estate market and the broader economy. We don't have to sneak into 2014 in a state of anxiety and fear, after all.


Congress seems to have fashioned an agreement that allows its members to say they stood up for partisan principles and were willing to bend a bitand, most important, were apparently capable of designing a way around another worrisome time in which the government might be shut down and the national and world economy imperiled.


It's amazing how we talk about this almost as if its an expected way of running the political ship. In truth, it is tremendously destructive. But I have a theory and Im just certain you were waiting for yet another theory about what's going wrong in the political world. Probably, if you're like me, your greater priority at the moment is another glass of sparkling cider with the family. In our household, we have a tradition of making toasts, "To the snow!" one of the youngest would call out. Raising her fancy glass, "To sparkling cider!" another would declare.


Well, here's to the shaky revival of political compromise. But here's my theory: We as a society have been reaching the point where were stuck on issues that do not allow for compromise. There's no room to compromise, for example, if you wish to abolish abortion, and no possibility of compromise if you wish to make it a matter of personal choice. You can rather easily make a compelling argument that totally convinces ME, on either side of the issue but you cant come up with a solution that in any way satisfies everyone.


When the two sides of an argument are so deeply, unswervingly, and passionately opposed to one another, it is very difficult to do a good, functioning version of democracy, and we end up with a lot of potentially dangerous acts by both sides in which the end justifies the often sleazy means. Careers are ruined, good public servants are trashed, programs are voted down just to make the other side look bad, and one or another form of political paralysis is used as a means of striking out at the opposition side.


Political victories such as the evasion of another possible governmental shutdown, therefore, have a shallowness to them. They avoid severe problems rather than voting in good, carefully-considered solutions. It is as if we are stuck in a waiting mode, trying to clear away initial disagreements before we can get to the actual business at hand.


It is difficult to imagine the government doing much we can cheer about, thereforethe factionalism includes all manner of problems, like how much power one party should allow the other to have, even as its actions in proposing the placement of judges, for example is fully within its jurisdiction. Nonetheless, we do stumble along increasingly well enough to allow the real estate recovery and national economic recovery to proceed. Believe it or not, this could be a good year for us allthough we may have to stay light on our feet to avoid any shocks along the way.


I raise my sparkling cider high in the air, in any case, and declare, May this be a better, more sensible year for us all; may we prosper; and may we leave the campground even cleaner than we found it! Yea, verily!


This is Bill Fisher, and Ill speak with you again shortly after the New Year begins.

Trusted Industry Advisor

San Diego Mortgage Rates - Jason Gordon -

The above information was compiled and distributed by San Diego Residential Mortgage Specialist, Jason E Gordon in an effort to provide transparency regarding true mortgage rate activity and market guidance to consumers and professionals interested in this activity. All Market Commentary is provided via The Mortgage Coach and/or their RateWatch technology software.

As a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS) Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) and Certified Mortgage Coach (CMC), Jason E Gordon utilizes his advanced training to examine a prospective Client's complete financial picture, while carefully listening to their overall goals. If it is mutually agreed that a new loan makes sense to pursue, Jason strives to make the entire loan process as seamless as possible. He truly believes that providing open communication and patient educational guidance to his Clients and Business Alliances has been a pivotal component to building his business, while enhancing his reputation in the Mortgage Industry as a Trusted Advisor. Visit or or more information.

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