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I do not make many comments on AR that are not SEO or comical in nature, however I wanted to comment about Home Warranties.  We bought out house in St Marys Ga 5 years ago and got talked into a Home Warranty by the Realtor.  I was very skeptical at first because I figured it was a big waste of money.  I finally relented and Nancy and I bought a policy for a few hundred dollars.  Let me tell you what we have had to fix in the last 5 years that was covered by the warranty and only cost me a tiny deductible.


  • Water Heater fixed
  • Pool pump replaced
  • Dishwasher replaced.  In fact they allowed us to buy a nicer one and just had to pay the difference.  We got a $600 dishwasher for $200!
  • Fixed the AC unit by replacing the compressor.  This is a very expensive replacement
  • Garage Door Opener fixed twice
  • Fridge had a small part replaced
  • Washing machine had a small part replaced.
I know what you are thinking and no we did not buy a 50 year old house with the original appliances!  Our house is 15 years old and in great shape.  Just had a bad run and things that broke that were 15 years old.
I do believe these Home Warranties are a great idea and every new home owner should at least buy it for the first year.  Heck every seller should give one away with the house they are selling!


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