Agents: Stop dripping and start predicting rebuttal

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Bernice Ross at suggests that agents stop using drip email and switch to using "predictive marketing." She defined email drip as "a process in which e-mails are automatically sent to contacts or prospects on a scheduled basis."

That's the point of drip email. It is automated and does schedule mail to be sent automatically to your contacts on a regular basis. Agents need to be consistent in their marketing which most readily admit they are not. Email drip is an easy and inexpensive way to stay in front of your clients and prospects on a very regular basis.

Our drip product called eProspecting ( utilizes 21 unique, pre-written email campaigns that send message once or twice a month to clients computers for up to 10 years. It takes less than 30 seconds to place a contact on a campaign. More than 10,000 agents, including hundreds of brokers, use eProspecting to market themselves and to recruit agents.

Sending out 1000 Just Listed postcards costs around $500. Sending out 1000 just listed emails costs a fraction of that. These are tough times. Money is short and agents need to employ proven tools like drip email to reach out to as many clients and prospects on a regular basis.

I invented eProspecting because as a small business person I needed an easy and effective way to stay in front of my clients on a regular basis. When I talk to a prospective client I get their email address, login to my online account and place them on an email campaign. I can now forget about them knowing them are receiving my emails automatically.

John Veytia with Keller Williams sums up his experience with eProspecting, "My clients have called and thanked me for the information I am sending them using eProspecting. I just set them up once and then you take over and keep in touch for me."

Most real estate agents, old and new, have been told for years that personal marketing needs to be consistent. You need to be visible to your clients all the time because no one can predict when they will decide to move. The one thing we do know about our clients is what we don't know.

In addition to placing clients on long term campaigns, eProspecting sends automated holiday eCards and eFlyers with a couple clicks of a mouse to an entire database in seconds. Imagine sending out 1000 personalized Holiday Cards in one minute to every contact for only pennies a day.

Drip email is not the magic pill to a successful real estate business, but it should certainly be included in a mix of everything an agent does to build their business. Remember the key to marketing is consistency.

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